Famous Food Joints of Kolkata. My own comments..

Most of the mentioned places are very old, some over a hundred years in age. Therefore the article has a lot to do with history and nostalgia, rather than real quality.. Anadi Cabin, Golbari, Nizams, Aminia, Amzadia etc are cases in point. Dilkhusa Cabin, Basanta Cabin , Chacha, Allen and Mitra Cafe – all of them specialising in chop, cutlet and moglai porota – have existed since long before my birth.. Their quality too have deteriorated very substantially over time.

I had once written a comment in Facebook describing my own sad experience of Golbari r Kosha Mangsho which all North Calcuttans swear by even today….destroying the myth about the place.
The level of hygiene in the eateries of Kolkata and the suberbs are also quite abysmal.
There was a huge scandal in Kolkata less than a year ago about red meat and chicken being sourced from garbage dumps and from dumps for dead animals and birds (called bhagads) . Employees of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation were found involved in the racket. Many restaurants in Kolkata and Howrah were also caught serving dead dogs under the name of mutton. Majority of the popular restaurants of the city were a part of this huge racket. Many people I know have since stopped eating meat outside their homes for this reason ..
Agreed excellent food is available outside Kolkata also. But the places are so far flung that one gets to sample them only by accident and not by design.
Some of the top quality sweets from far flung places however are sold in the streets near the Writers Building around lunch time. They are brought daily in small quantities directly from source.
But just for information, a vast majority of the traditional sweet makers from outside Kolkata… like from Bardhaman, Shaktigarh, Krishna Nagar, Nabadweep, Mechheda, Jonai etc to name just a few, have been migrating into the city in search of a better life for several years now, and this has resulted in the improvement in the sweets made in Kolkata and a marked deterioration of quality in the sweets made in those places..
Last but not least there’s a new crop of superb restaurants opened in the last 20 years who give everyone a run for their money. These are operated by smart, qualified and quite “with-it” people. And they have now become the new pilgrimage places for the food lovers of Kolkata…

Famous food joints of Kolkata. (Shamelessly shared from a post in Facebook )

QUOTE We Bengalis are rather particular about our food. Simply because a place makes the best biryani does not mean to us that it will make the best kababs too. There will be yet another place for that, and heavens, who can even begin to talk about where you get the best fuchka in town?
Here’s a list compiled by a friend and his friends, and all of them are bona fide foodies, so close your eyes and trust the list. Add more if you have anything in mind, but do make a pilgrimage at most of these places to know the real definition of food
1. Kabiraji Cutlet from Regent (S N Banerjee Road)
2. Moghlai Parota from Anadi Cabin (S N Banerjee Road)
3. Kosha Mangsho from Golbari (Shyambazar)
4. Phulkopir Singara from Mrityunjoy (Lansdowne)
5. Double Egg Chicken Roll from Kusum (Park Steet) (Campari @ Gariahat & Nizam is a close contender!)
6. Chicken Rezala from Shabbir (off C R Avenue)
7. Steak at Oly pub (with beer!!)
8. Ujjala’s Chanachur ( no comparison anywhere)
9. Telebhaja from Putiram (College Street)
10, Daab Chigri from Kewpies (Elgin Road)
11. Chicken Cutlet from Baked & Fried/Mukherjee Sweets (Ballygunge Place)
12. Bijoli Grill’s Fish Roll
13. Mochar Chop Dhoka from Apanjan (Sadananda Road)
14. Boudir’s Lebu Cha (Deshapriya Park)
15. Kochuri & Tarkari from Tasty Corner (Mandeville Gardens)
16. Phuchka/Churmur/ Dahi Phuchka from Bilas or Boudi (Southern Avenue)
17. Chicken Cutlet near Samur (Bhowanipur)
18. Mishti Doi & Rosogolla from Mithai (Beckbagan)
19. Sandesh (all types) from Balaram (Bhowanipur) (Naram pak & Ice cream sandesh)
20. Pantua from Bancharam
21. Indrani from Ganguram/ Rabri from Chittaranhan/ Darbesh from Sen Mahasay /
22. Amritti from Bhim Nag/Ganguram, Maniktala (Jalebis are no match)
23. Aamer morobba – the best outside Gariahat market
24. Kuler achar – the best outside Gariahat market
25. Shukno mashla makha tetul – Available with the churanwalas outside all schools, much to the delight of the students and dismay of the parents !!
25. Dulaler tal mishri
26. Dulaler hojmi – mind boggling and healthy too
27. Bikrampurer kashundi – Mustard just pales next to this
28. Rabri: sharma’s and tiwari brothers. Equally good, equally sinful
29. Rolls: Apart from hot kati, campari etc, the slim, succulent ones from Badshah on Lindsay Street
30. Bundia: Not the soft Bengali variety called bonde. But the dry-on-the-outside, juicy-when-you-bite variety from Kaligodam in the heart of Burrabazar.
31. Chops: Various kinds (fish, chicken, mocha etc) from Kalika on Surya Sen St. A stone’s throw from Putiram
32. Prawn cocktail and angels on horseback from Mocambo
33. Chandankheer: A variant of the chhanar payesh, from Jayashree, next to Bhim Nag in Bowbazar
34. Cutlet/Fry: Chittoda on Dacres Lane. Even Writers’ gets the stuff from here
35. Lyangcha: From Shri Hari in Bhowanipore. Also their gutke kochuri which sells out by 7 am
36. Aflatoon: The submerged-in-ghee sweet from Bombay Sweets on Bentinck Street
37. Doi: Jadab Chandra Das. white, himshitol. Closely followed by Amrito, Shyambajar
38. Dimer devil: From Dilkhusa at the College St corner. But I hear they’ve downed shutters
39. Dhoper Chop: From Milandar Canteen, Jadavpur University arts faculty
40. Meatloaf, salami, roast: Kalman on Free School Street
41. Nalen gur from Nadia
42. Shor puriya from Krishnonagore
43. Mutton Biryani from Alia (Bentick Street) or Arsalan
44. Goat brain roll (pantha’r ghiloo roll) from Haji Saheb, Behala
45. Brain masala at Amber
46. Fish pakora- Bengal restaurant behala
47. Baby corn manchurian- BBQ park street!
48. Phuchka, in front of Vardaan Market
49. Roast Chilli Pork, Chung Wah, Central Avenue (near the telegraph office)
50. Chimney Soup, Eau Chew, Ganesh Chandra Avenue (Vijay Mallya loves the stuff here and orders it when in cal)
51. Tea, Balwant Singh’s Hotel, next to the Harish Mukherjee Road Gurdwara, especially at 1 am at night in winter!
52. Kesariya Firni, Aminia, Next to the municipal headquarters, esplanade (You can see the real zafraan strands in the cream). Also their Biryani, Kolkata’s lightest
53. Mutton Chaanp, The Royal Indian Hotel, opposite Nakhoda Masjid, deep inside Chitpur, Kolkata’s Muslim heartland
54. Chelo kebab from peter cat (park street)
55. Sharbat from paramount (college street)
56. Yummy rolls from hot kati rolls (park street)
57. Khiri roll @ Nizam (New Market)
58. Mutton pasanda kebab from the southern aminia golpark, opposite Mouchak.
59. Komolabhog from a very tiny shop called madhureno beside jogesh changra college on anwar shah road
60. Chicken cutlet from chacha’s hotel
61. Ganguram-er mishti doi!
62. Mangsher stew at AD Cabin (Sukhia Street),
(Biswanath Roy)


Why promises are sometimes broken

The following lines were inspired by a Facebook post of a friend (actually the daughter of an old friend ) bemoaning the fact that someone had broken a promise made to her. And perhaps all promises were meant to be broken…

To put things in perspective, there are usually at least two parties to a conversation. The talker and the listener. Problem is that the talkers seldom remember afterwards what they said exactly. The listeners usually do (remember) . Particularly if it’s something either hurtful or complimentary or even a promise . Now let us substitute the two words Talker and Listener with Promissor and the Promisee. Now you have your answer. Simply put. Promissors are prone to dementia, unless it’s a written contract. 😀 😀 😀

“Hope this helps”.. ..I’d said.

To which she responded saying that she loved the explanation. It must have lifted her mood somewhat.

Hope it lifts yours too. 😀

Longevity of all those New year resolutions

There are just too many more morning walkers in the streets during the first fifteen days of January than at any other time of the year….. then it comes back to normal again.

Our local gyms also insist on advance payment of full annual fees upfront in January for the same reason.. ..they do it because the dropout rate is extremely high.


VUCA World

My friend Arvind has opened up a new dimension to the concept of VUCA. Here’s his take as applicable to the corporate world of banking. Which goes to prove, if proof was ever needed, that VUCA applies to all, irrespective.

Arvind Arya blog

My friend Jayanta Chatterjee, a prolific blogger, ex- banker, travel writer, a part time actor and photographer par excellence, yesterday introduced me to the concept of VUCA world while reviewing one of my blogs that talked about the matter of luck. I instantly told him that by appreciating me to VUCA world, he gave me an idea for another blog that I am proving by writing on VUCA.

VUCA in fact is an acronym representing four distinct words – Volatile, Uncertain , Complex and Ambiguous. This also is a much better substitute for another much used word these days – Disruption! Anything that does not go as per expectation but suddenly exposes us to unexpected challenges is a disruption. We in banking sector use disruption to explain all the new and recent challenges viz. new banking licenses, small and payment banks, digitisation, automation and artificial intelligence, relevance of brick and…

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